Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yves Smith Misleads (Lies??) To Her Readers Once Again

Yves Smith posted this little editorial in her links section this morning. I highlight Yves' words in yellow in this post

Inflation: Mervyn and me Paul Mason BBC (hat tip Richard Smith). "You really need to watch this video. Here we have the governor of the Bank of England having an extended conversation with a journalist who is critical of the Bank’s interest rate policies. You’d never see anything even remotely like this in the US. And you’d never see Bernanke pointing out the financial sector’s culpability either."

That is a boldfaced LIE.  Ben Bernanke took questions from the public in late July 2009 in Kansas City.  It was nationally broadcast for free to anyone with PBS and a TV equipped with an antenna.  There were many members of the public who were allowed to question Chairman Bernanke, and this sad attempt by Yves Smith to look sophisticated by pointing out the supposed superiority of Britain's public debate is pathetic.  It reeks of the same stench as when British journalists talk about "American warmongering" after decades of colonialism and to this very day Britain sells weapons to Libya which Muammar Gaddafi has been using the last few days to kill and mass murder his own people.  
Here is some text from the public forum Yves---Even Bill Black was allowed to ask questions there:

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