Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Night Links

  • Izabella Kaminska seems to be very quiet over at FTAlphaville blog recently.  I don't know what the deal is but she is probably the best writer there.  Check out these two great posts she did in December on ETFs HERE and HERE.
  • David Brooks reinforces what we already suspected:  David Brooks is a complete idiot on the topic of Economics.
  • Sarah Woo, a Professor of Law at NYU writes on large banks trading claims on "goat poo" with each other.  An intuitive feeling tells me Bruce Krasting will not be writing on this topic EVER!!!  Just a feeling.  From the good folks at Credit Slips blog.
  • Municipal Bond markets are very dangerous and very risky now.  Mary Williams Walsh discusses the dangers of Municipal bonds currently HERE and HERE.  If states declare bankruptcy, municipal bond markets could be destroyed. Unsecured debts are risky as hell.  Some bloggers will tell you otherwise. We deal in reality here. From New York Times
  • David Rosenberg of Gluskin--Sheff gives his latest market analysis.  Hat tip to ZeroHedge
  • American Scholar Gene Sharp, who helped in part to inspire the strategies of the Middle East protests and uprisings, gives his thoughts on the stratagems involved. 3 minute Audio from BBC Recommended listening
  • A terrific story with paintings for art lovers.  After the jump you can click your mouse on the paintings for a more detailed view.  Written by Mike Boehm of "Culture Monster" blog
  • Some humorous cartoons from Tablet magazine.  Wondering what Egypt's Mubarak will be doing in his exile???  Artist Steve Brodner imagines some scenarios.
  • Our Female Vision Of The Day:  Olivia Wilde.  As usual there is a gallery, you can use the arrows to peruse. From wwtdd.com    Enjoy!!!!
 Addendum: This video especially posted for those who feel my blog is not comedic enough.  A  one minute comedy routine from The International Gaddafi Comedy Troupe. This duo have been working together for years.  The one on the left writes the jokes and the one on the right manages stage props.

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