Friday, March 27, 2015

Lobbyist telling LIES for Monsanto. (Video Showing Humorous Hypocrisy)

I love this video. It shows clearly what a pack of liars many of these corporations are. If I was the interviewer I would have also suggest the old bastard buy a quart for his granddaughter and see if she wanted a tall glass of glyphosate.  The old bastard (Dr. Patrick Moore) with the high forehead and shit for brains is a lobbyist for Monsanto. Glyphosate is an ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup weed killer and there is strong reason to believe it's increasing rates of cancer in Argentina, among other places. The original story is from "Canal+" French television and I should give a "hat tip" to ZeroHedge blog where I found it.  This reminds me of the interviews Mike Wallace used to do on "60 Minutes" in the 1980s, before he got soft.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Writer Alicia Erian

I don't read many books written by females. Or maybe I should say after reading a decent amount of books by females, I am now much more selective when choosing ANY book written by a female. It's not a putdown necessarily, it's just the woman's voice in literature just is rarely to my individual taste.  There are exceptions, as there usually are to generalizations.  Alicia Erian is one of those exceptions.  Maybe roughly 2 years ago I got her book "Towelhead".  I am a slow reader (shocker, eh??). It often takes me 10-14 days to finish any book of decent size (say 250--350 pages). I finished "Towelhead" in just 2 days.  Which for me is "jump to hyperspace" speed to read a book.  I found it intellectually stimulating, and even erotic on some levels.  I mean I kind of got excited reading certain parts (not an easy admission for me).  And I can tell a sharp mind when I see one.  After reading "Towelhead" I would pretty much pick up anything written by Alicia Erian now, and I recommend my sparse amount of blog readers to do the same. Here is Miss Erian talking on Youtube:

I also found this.  A little shocked it only had 24 views.  I'm very liberal on drinking, but obviously driving a car after drinking is another deal entirely.  I don't think the material is on as high a level as some of Miss Erian's other stuff, but I like her reading and style of presentation.

James Rustad Portraying Ted Cruz Sings "The Koch Brothers Are My Sugar Daddies"

OK, this isn't the most polished performance you'll ever see, but it's above average, and the lyrics are way more intelligent  and insightful than your average pop song.  Nice job Mr. Rustad!!! :

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Amber Ruffin And 50 Shades of Grey Readings (Comical)

On this blog I've made no secret of the fact that I'm an Amber Ruffin fan. Here she is, funny as usual:

Will Pathetic/Lying German Television Show Apologize To Yanis Varoufakis???

Well. usually television hosts with low class who tell LIES on television to "score points" with the natives wouldn't be expected to apologize.  So, I doubt they will apologize. But you can view this and decide for yourself. The first link will start it at the 2 minute mark so you can view the REAL video quickly. The part you want to see in the embedded video is just past the 2 minute mark:

Here is a link to a German paper, which explains the situation.
Now I don't expect my readers to know German, so you can get a rough, semi-bad translation into English of this at Google Translate ( ): Just input the above "sueddeutsche" address in the box on the left, set the left box to German and the right box to English and hit the blue button that says "Translate" with your mouse

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Is Wolfgang Schauble The REAL "lightweight", (And Is Schauble Blowing On The Embers Of Greek Nazi-ism??)

I strongly believe this is a fair and serious question, and SADLY one Germans are not currently asking.  I think Yanis Varoufakis' article in Witte de With Review "The Serpent's Greek Lair" brings much credence to the above question:

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The VERY Talented Amber Ruffin as "Grandma"

I think, if proper time was taken on creating a screenplay of substance,  (not "Earnest Goes To.....") this character Amber Ruffin does could be turned into a very solid 90+ minute big screen comedy.  But hey, I don't make the big bucks, so what do I know??