Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Links and a Video

  • FDIC's Sheila Bair comments on new rules for bankers' bonuses in Europe.  It would allow part of bonuses to be deferred into the future and also allow claw backs. Sheila believes it is a good thing. From Bloomberg
  • Simon Johnson on Financial Reform.  Professor Johnson of MIT says it's a relatively big surprise that bank lobbyists did not weasel the Kanjorski Amendment out of the legislation.  This could be a positive sign. From Bloomberg
  • 90 Bank failures thus far this year, including a large one in Blackwell, Oklahoma.  From Bloomberg
  • Video of Journalist Teri Buhl over at the Keiser Report.  You can fast-forward the report to the 13:20 mark where her interview starts. Teri Buhl is a freelance financial journalist.  Felix Salmon gives a little background information on Teri Buhl HERE.
  • Our female of today, Zhang ZiYi. Scroll down slightly then look for the little red circle/arrow to look at her pics. I have watched her in a movie called "The Road Home" (Chinese title "My Father and My Mother") like 20 times.  Drooling all over myself in the process.  Catch it sometime on DVD if you can.  From Esquire magazine.
Need to relax???  Here is some great music to enjoy on a Sunday and let all your troubles drift away.  It is written by the great music writer Morten Lauridsen and entitled "O Magnum Mysterium".  Make sure your computer volume is a good level.  I think it can help any bad feelings or things that trouble you to drift away.  Try it!!!  Hat tip to Booksinq blog.

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