Thursday, May 6, 2010

Say A Prayer For the People In Greece.

Do I feel sorry for the people in Greece???  Not very.  They lived like lazy little pigs the last 11 years (maybe longer) and weren't very responsible with their voting duties.  But in the end, they are humans and humans make mistakes.  I certainly have had my share.  If you have a private/quiet moment today, say a prayer for the people of Greece.  They need to let some anger out, but murder and deaths are not the answer.  Say a prayer for them please, and others that need help in the world.  Here is a story from the Daily Oklahoman newspaper on prayer.  I will pray for my blog readers later, that all of you can have a happy Spring, watch some baseball games, and pay all your mortgages off (even if you were ignorant and got an adjustable rate or "ARMS" mortgage).  Take care and wave to a stranger today.

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