Friday, May 7, 2010

Five Phenomenal Friday Links

  • Rajiv Sethi predicts the possibility of more dramatic swings similar to the Procter and Gamble induced nosedive on May 6. (Sooner rather than later)
  • A silver line in yesterday's dark cloud from Kraft Foods. From MarketWatch
  • Can we trust FINRA ( The Financial Industry Regulating Authority)  to police trading violations on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)???  I have grave doubts on this, and plan to do a large post on this in the future.  From Bloomberg and Businessweek
  • Commentary by Alice Schroeder on Warren Buffett.  Not 1/2 the man I used to think he was, intellectually, ethically, or morally.  From Bloomberg
  • Eddy Elfenbein has a cute post that pokes a little hole in the Efficient Markets Hypothesis(EMH). From 

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