Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Can't I Write As Good As This Woman (Oy!!)

My readers who regularly visit (that would include my Mom, an imaginary friend, and my dog) may have noticed I recently added FTAlphaville to my blogroll.  You know I guess they've been off my radar screen because frankly I don't usually pay attention to British publications (Even "The Economist" I hate their blog because they don't give their writers credit for the stories, so I basically boycott that site).  But I read a very magnificent story at FTAlphaville recently by Stacie-Marie Ishmael about Option ARMs.  That's a type of mortgage which I think (my opinion only) 9 times out of 10 the debtor loses on and the bank wins on, so it's one of my pet-peeves.  So anyway I started focusing on her stories and I think she does a great job, so I'm just gonna give you some of her links here:

Stacy-Marie talking about Option ARMs

Stacy-Marie talking about  backlash against CDS backlash

Stacy-Marie talking about UK's fiscal problem

Terrific stuff.

Addendum: I took Rick Bookstaber's site off the blogroll because he rarely updates.  I will keep an eye on the site and if he has new stuff, we'll link it over here.

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