Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jerry Brown Runs For Governor of California, Gets GrahamBrokeTheMold's Official Endorsement (haha)

Jerry Brown is running for Governor of California.  Jerry has always been a little odd (maybe that's part of his appeal) but I've always liked him and I think he might be what California needs now.  The first vote I ever made in my life was around 1992 and I voted for Jerry Brown for President because Paul Tsongas couldn't get on the ballot in our state.

I do hope he continues Schwarzenegger's budget tightening though.  If he thinks it's still the 1970s and he can make the ACLU happy, hand out jobs to useless people in the "parks department" or DHS, and pat illegal immigrants on the fanny as they're deported and say "See you on Tuesday Jose' ", he will have proved he's officially out of touch with the world he's currently living in.

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