Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are You Being Foolish Paying for Cable "Bundles"???

James Surowiecki wrote a nice article in the New Yorker about Cable TV.  He mentions the fact that it's become an annual tradition that cable providers quarrel with networks over programming fees.  It's worth a read and a few moments of thought if you subscribe to cable (which I guess would be a good percentage of the American population now).  If you say you haven't watched the most popular cable shows the next question out of people's mouths is usually something like "When did you drop off the planet?".  But all jokes aside I don't have cable.  And with the exception of a few shows and some sports events, I don't really miss it.  So many cable shows you can get free online now if you're only willing to wait 24 hours, or sometimes just 8 days. Frankly I think that paying for programming that would otherwise be paid by advertisers is not intelligent----not even of average intelligence.  But before I make my 5 readers angry, you better just read Surowiecki's story.

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