Sunday, March 22, 2015

Writer Alicia Erian

I don't read many books written by females. Or maybe I should say after reading a decent amount of books by females, I am now much more selective when choosing ANY book written by a female. It's not a putdown necessarily, it's just the woman's voice in literature just is rarely to my individual taste.  There are exceptions, as there usually are to generalizations.  Alicia Erian is one of those exceptions.  Maybe roughly 2 years ago I got her book "Towelhead".  I am a slow reader (shocker, eh??). It often takes me 10-14 days to finish any book of decent size (say 250--350 pages). I finished "Towelhead" in just 2 days.  Which for me is "jump to hyperspace" speed to read a book.  I found it intellectually stimulating, and even erotic on some levels.  I mean I kind of got excited reading certain parts (not an easy admission for me).  And I can tell a sharp mind when I see one.  After reading "Towelhead" I would pretty much pick up anything written by Alicia Erian now, and I recommend my sparse amount of blog readers to do the same. Here is Miss Erian talking on Youtube:

I also found this.  A little shocked it only had 24 views.  I'm very liberal on drinking, but obviously driving a car after drinking is another deal entirely.  I don't think the material is on as high a level as some of Miss Erian's other stuff, but I like her reading and style of presentation.

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