Saturday, January 7, 2012

Female Vision of the Day (Jan. 7 2012)

Haven't done this little blog gimmick in awhile (mostly for myself anyway I'm sure). I always figured Angelica Huston must have been quite the bird in her youth if Jack Nicholson chose her as a sexual mate.  And she's not too bad as an older woman really.  But I found this link in a Tweet when wandering around old John Huston stuff (who, although I don't know much about his personal life, I have always admired for his extreme intelligence and high literacy).  Anyways.... the point I am leading to here is that Angelica Houston was a very very attractive woman in her youth. One of those women that wouldn't win a beauty pageant, but has some characteristic which seems to draw you to her.  This pic in the link shows it well. What is it that is so appealing here?? The downcast eyes??? The flowing dress??? The hell if I know, but it works.
Our Female Vision of The Day:

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