Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jim Traficant, Former Congressman of Ohio (When Ohio Had More Jobs)

I have always been a fan of Jim Traficant.  This is from a 2009 interview. I think Traficant is a sharp-minded individual, but more than that, he is a truth-teller.  God Bless Occupy Wall Street movement and God bless  those going through hard times now.  And no, before some uptight Jew gets his panties in a wad, I am not "anti-Semite", and neither is JIm Traficant. But the way Jews throw that word around to someone who sneezes in the same room as them, the word "anti-Semite" has much less power than it did say in the 1950s.  Israeli government issues and a person's attitude to Jews are separate issues, as much as Jews with no logical leg to stand on would have you believe otherwise.

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