Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekend Fun Post (Silverman)

I'm sorry I've been on a real video kick lately. Apologize for that.  I just feel so lazy lately.  I been reading a little more books lately but even that not as much as I should.  Anyway.....  I just got Sarah Silverman's book on Amazon and it's on the way in the mail now from Kentucky.  I like watching her TV show repeats on Netflix.  It makes me forget the bad things in life, and just feel happy-like.  I think comedians give us a great great gift.  Plus she's like incredibly beautiful, so that doesn't hurt either.  Obviously I think she's trying to be funny here, but honest to God with women I can never tell.  Typical Jew, she's so darn sharp.  It's a subtle sharpness though, she doesn't lord it over people that she's quick-witted.

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