Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Favorite Blogger (James Kwak) Makes a Journal Entry

James Kwak makes a type of personal journal post.  He was requested to try this.  Not at the "mothership" Baseline Scenario blog, but at a different one.  I like the post very much.  The post deals with children's first experiences with death and I guess a term sometimes used in Buddhism circles "impermanence".  Strange thing for me in my life, I have found the loss of deep relationships (due to disagreements, changes in where I call my geographical home, impracticality, and even differences in culture) to be much more bothersome than deaths in my family.  Death I always take as a given, and if they are by natural cause and aren't sudden it just doesn't bother me a whole lot.  But if I lost a friendship or someone I had deeper feelings to, it still seems to bother me, and yank at my mind like some kind of large fish hook that won't let go.  I keep going over scenarios in my mind that if circumstances had played out different, if this had happened, or if that hadn't of happened, or if I had made better decisions and shown more profound judgement, that those people would still be in my life now and things would have gone how I wanted.  It just never seems to go that way though.

I think Kwaks' daughter is very adorable.  I'm sure she will grow the necessary skin calluses as she matures.  And I say, at least for the Kwak home (as other types of "fishes" sometimes can't be replaced) it's time to go fish shopping with a certain youngster.

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