Sunday, February 13, 2011

Music Post For Your Weekend

I have about 30 links saved up to give my usual 2 sentences blather on, but I am too lazy even to mess with that.  So I thought I would put up some weekend music for any loyal readers popping in.  This is an artist that I like very much and admire.  Vi An Diep.  She works her craft up in Calgary Alberta. The instrument she is playing is called a Gu Zheng, hers is 14 strings.  She is kind of "underground" artist there for years.  I think she has incredible talent, and I think she could do soundtrack music for independent movies or lots of things.  I would guess like lots of artists she dreams of being more "mainstream"/popular some day.  Hope she can achieve that. So any poor/hungry movie directors looking for a composer for your soundtrack can try to contact her in Calgary.  Hope my visitors like it. Enjoy!!!

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