Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two Outstanding Posts From My Blogging Hero

Well,  I have always been a huge fan of James Kwak.  His writing and his thoughts in general.  Although I fail royally, I use him as kind of my benchmark of great blogging and blog writing (although my style is quite different do to my frankness and maybe twisted and morbid mindset).  And no one should look at Mr. Kwak in a negative light because my liking of him.  I admire him, but his style is very different and on a higher plain than mine. Anyway here is a James Kwak post where he busts Eric Cantor on his extreme hypocrisy (I would even say a LIE) on the U.S. Deficit. And another James Kwak post related to parenting and some controversy surrounding a Yale Professor who wrote a book on "Asian style" (my description) parenting.  I've never been a parent so I don't feel qualified to render an opinion on Miss Chua's writing either way, but it's fascinating to turn around in your mind.  I even wonder if saying "Asian parenting" as a blanket term covering all Asians as the same style of parenting is fair.  I would guess Japanese, and say Thai parents, would raise their children quite differently than Chinese.  For example Japanese tend to be much much cleaner when they are in public than Chinese do (I'm referring to Chinese-Chinese, as in public they are not as clean in public generally as Japanese are).  That's just a fact and anyone who has walked the streets of Japan and China could tell you the same---including some Chinese who do not delude themselves on the cleanliness of Chinese cities.  

Anyway.... if you want PC statements go to another blog.  All of the above relating to public cleanliness is objective fact to be observed by traveling the two countries.  Some background on Amy Chua (she's quite attractive to my eyes, but I have a soft spot for Asian women) can be found at this LA Times article.

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