Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some Food for Thought On The Nonsensical/Wasteful Tucson Murders

I found this post, written by "Kenneth" at   I don't like the title of the post, and I do NOT 100% agree with all the things stated in it.  But I do think that this (the ricochet posting by "Kenneth") is worthy of pondering, as are some of the very thoughtful comments by visitors to below "Kenneth's" post.

What exactly would make a young man in his early twenties, think that murdering a kind, graciously open to the public, and well intentioned Democratic Congresswoman would help his "cause"??  Much less the question of how that same man in his early 20's thought killing an innocent 9 year old girl with a natural curiosity and high faculty for politics would help his "cause"???  The two questions can only produce absolute bewilderment for any rational/sane human being.  Could only cross-hairs and bullseye targets from Sarah Palin's website kick this off??  Or the incoherent ramblings of a nutjob Mormon on am radio about The Constitution, could be the "kickstart"??? Could it be the final push off the ledge for someone already emotionally disturbed or dare we say it, someone with schizophrenia??  The perpetrator of these horrific murders is obviously guilty, either way, but we owe it to ourselves as a society to find the root cause/causes of this to avoid repeat occurrences of something so incredibly sad as these murders.

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