Friday, December 24, 2010

Just Some 'Feel Good' Links Before Christmas

We're staying away from heavy topics for the time being.  Here's some links might make you feel good during the Christmas time.  Merry Christmas
  • Pure Gold coin, worth roughly $680, given to a charity for the poor in Tulsa, Oklahoma The 14th time in 15 years this has been done anonymously in Tulsa.
  • Anyone who regularly reads this blog will know I am not a huge fan of the Catholic Religion.  They have a lot of shame and ruined lives on their record due to widespread sexual abuse of children and intentional whitewashing of the sexual abuse by Catholic priests in many countries, which the Catholic church largely tried to hide and also intimidate children and their parents to keep a secret.  And it has been a conscious/intentional effort by the Catholic church (including the Vatican) to keep these widespread and prevalent sexual abuses of children in the Catholic church a secret.  But.... I thought this was a nice story.

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