Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Links

  • I found this over at ZeroHedge.  It's a great series of reports they have over at ProPublica.  Must read stuff, especially the one on Banks self-dealing CDOs.
  • Felix Salmon has been outdoing himself recently.  Three terrific stories. One on Credit cards forcing the poor to subsidize the rich,  one on foreclosures, and one on the differences between ETF funds
  • A great story from Chuck Jaffe at about target date funds, and some of the dangers target date funds pose to uneducated investors.  They are not as safe as they appear to be sometimes.
  • One of my blogging heroes, Jennifer Taub.  She is the same in my mind to James Kwak, basically I like 98% of everything she posts.  She's a great writer, great academic, and someone who genuinely cares about the future of America.  Do yourself a favor and go read her writings.  She's over at Paretocommons blog
  • Another article from Chuck Jaffe at on collectible coins.  Most of the deals offered on TV and radio are extremely poor choices.  Do you think great investments need to be advertised??? Or do you think great investments would be scooped up with very little advertisement or promotion?? Think about it....
  • A great story the The New Yorker magazine on the right-wing Koch Brothers.  Two men who made most of their money by inheritance.  Written by Jane Mayer
  • Kevin Durant makes America proud in international basketball.  From Sports Illustrated
Have a good day peoples, stay safe.

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