Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Links

  • I think I have mentioned before that I am a fan of Teri Buhl's.  I think she is one of the better journalists out there.  She has two excellent reports related to hedge funds in New York Magazine here and here.  Miss Buhl also has an interesting story on Phil Falcone at Business Insider.
  • Jobs situation state by state, a terrific graph. I found this at ZeroHedge blog and I forgot the original source.  I think the original source is WSJ, but I can't swear to it. Anyway they are government statistics.  Relatively reliable I think.
  • If you are thinking of investing in Gold I want to highly highly recommend you read this and ponder the facts put forth for some time.  From Hinde Capital and ZeroHedge blog.  I wish Glen Beck fans could somehow magically be forced to read it.
  • FDIC wants more people to know that life insurance and death benefits are not guaranteed by the U.S. Government.  Some private life insurers in America may have misled their customers that it is, but life insurance is not backed by a government guarantee (such as the FDIC fund). From Bloomberg
  • More Equity outflows.  A pretty big danger sign for stocks. From ZeroHedge blog
  • Three links showing you the type of human being Pope Ratzinger (head of the Catholic cult) is: Here and-------->here, and--------->here.  From Los Angeles Times, (Ireland's leading internet news portal), and Andrew Sullivan's The Dish blog.  By the way if you don't like my using of the word cult to describe Catholicism, you can choose your own word that describes a group that protects and harbors pedophiles.  Name me another word (other than cult) suitable for a group which bullies children and their parents into forfeiting legal restitution after they've been sexually abused and I'll use it.
  • Something hopefully give you a laugh.  Especially funny for the more literate types.  From Bookslut blog
  • Chinese admiral got has panties in a wad.  Guess he was forced to drink the phemaldehyde flavored Chinese beer this week because his communist pals couldn't smuggle in the Laowai brand. From Bloomberg
  • Our Female Vision for Today. Sarah Silverman. One of my favorites.  You can just enjoy that one or there is a slideshow. After the jump just click where it says Previous or Next. From Happy weekend.

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