Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Morning Links

  • An interesting post for those who still treasure the lost art of stock-picking. From ZeroHedge
  • Municipal governments budget problem still looming like a dark cloud.  From ZeroHedge
  • Basel throws individual investors to the wolves, and the systemically threatening big banks' propaganda machine rolls on without missing a beat.  Financial numbers from banks mean nothing now.  You've been warned. From Bloomberg
  • Yes, sometimes international leaders can, and do, make great decisions.  Hat tip to Laura Rozen
  • This blog missed the timely reporting of Jack Tatum's death.  We apologize.  He played during the glory days of the NFL when Dick Butkus roamed the fields and hard bone-jarring hitting was still the norm.  I loved NFL films when I was a boy.  LA Times
Jessica Alba is in the new Machete movie with Danny Trejo.  She is one of our favorites.  Go Jessica!!!

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