Monday, July 26, 2010

WikiLeaks Makes Hillary and Richard Holbrooke Look like Asses

All these stories from the Los Angeles Times
U.S. Officials don't want you to know Pakistani Intelligence helps the Taliban Reporter Christi Parsons of Tribune Washington Bureau

Pakistani Spy agency "denounces" U.S. Intelligence reports linking it to the Taliban Reporter Munir Ahmed (of Associated Press)

No Real bombshell here, just loads of info. making American policy on Afghanistan look ASININE  Reporters David S. Cloud and Ken Dilanian

So let's see if we can connect the dots.  U.S. Military Industrial Complex says War is good--->U.S. Intelligence says war is good--->Hillary Clinton and Richard Holbrooke say money for Pakistani Government is good--->Pakistani Government Intelligence whispers information to Taliban on how to kill Afghanistan leaders (our "allies" in the war)--->Taliban kills Afghanistan leaders with info they got from Pakistani intelligence who Hillary Clinton, Senator John Kerry, and Richard Holbrooke tell American citizens we should (and do) give billions of U.S. tax dollars to.--->Hillary Clinton and Richard Holbrooke can't understand why we are losing the War while American Government pays Pakistani Officials billions to help Taliban intelligence.

Now how does knowing this information and making it PUBLIC put at risk American soldiers' lives???  Only Hillary Clinton (who looks like an ass now because this info is public), Senator John Kerry (who looks like an ass now because this info. is public), and Richard Holbrooke (who looks like an ass now because this info. has been made public) can tell you.

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