Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seven Wednesday Morning Links

  • Tom Hoenig of Kansas City and Richard Fisher of Dallas try to bring sanity to the best friend of corrupt European bankers: Ben Bernanke.  Of course it fell on deaf ears.  From Bloomberg
  • David Rosenberg on the ECRI.  Highly recommended reading.  Could give you some caution before becoming over-extended in stocks.  From ZeroHedge blog
  • John Hussman gives his breakdown on economics and how that relates the the current stock market.
  • "The little guy" fights back against abuse by Chase bank. Chase bank shut down his credit card accounts even though the balance on each credit card account was less than $4,000.  He may win $2,000,000 in the eventual judgement.  From David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times
  • Tracy Wilkinson of the Los Angeles Times on the recent violence in Mexico (related to drug trafficking).  Tracy Wilkinson strikes me as an "old school" type journalist who really knows what is happening on the ground.  She is a good one to follow regularly if you want to know what is happening in Mexico with violence and the narcotics trade.
  • Max Blumenthal adds extra depth to the picture of what happened in the advance planning of the violent IDF attack on the flotilla, where 9 activists were killed, including an American shot in the head 4 times.
  • Our female vision for today: Marissa Miller playing softball. From

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