Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7 Links

  • Does the New York Federal Reserve Bank have editorial influence over the Wall Street Journal???  Seems the evidence is overwhelmingly strong to affirm that fact. From ZeroHedge blog
  • Yves Smith and Rob Parenteau have an Op-Ed posted at The New York Times
  • Some very insightful Economic Analysis from "Invictus" over at Barry Ritholtz The Big Picture Blog
  • 8 year old buried with full police honors and remembered as a HERO, thanks to his best friend, Officer Graham Witherspoon of the terrific Raleigh North Carolina Police Department.  Be sure to click on the small video screen in the middle of the story after the jump. We should thank the Raleigh Police Department and especially Officer Graham Witherspoon for risking their lives everyday, and being a hero to our young people.  From TV station WRAL
  • One of my favorite actresses, Sean Young, to extend her role on TV's "The Young and the Restless".  Although it's a little sad to see her on a cheeseball soap opera you take what you can get in this crazy cat world. From Entertainment Weekly magazine.
  • Female Picture of the Day Be sure to scroll down slightly after the jump.  From Huffington Post, A "Must See" picture.  Don't miss this my Bros.

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