Sunday, July 4, 2010

David Lee Roth's Yankee Rose (Video)

I got the album this song was on Christmas 1985 if I remember right.  My family barely had a pot to piss in.  We lived in what was called "married housing" on a small college campus.  It consisted of a living area, 1 decent sized room, a room the size of a closet, a small kitchen, and decrepit bathroom.  When I got the album which I had been begging for, for weeks I was quite happy in my pathetic little environment.  We were thankful to God for the University program that allowed my Mom to have that apartment at an extremely cheap rate, but the walls were very thin.  I proceeded to take the tape this song was on and drive our neighbors (and my family) insane with loud volume.  Make sure to jack the volume up high. Happy Fourth of July.  I think this song was co-written by David Lee Roth and Steve Vai. May have been some others.

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