Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Links

  • New York Times story on Jews and Genetics
  • Story on famous value investor Seth Klarman. From Bloomberg
  • Best Moment (so far) of FIFA World Cup 2010 from Los Angeles Times
  • A new TV series starring Tom Selleck coming in the Fall.  Fridays at 9pm central.  Some of Tom's stuff can be a tad cheesy, but it's family oriented and sometimes it's pretty good.  Selleck is "hit and miss" with me, but this looks worth a try.  Entitled "Blue Bloods" on CBS.  From The Hollywood Reporter
  • Some people are blaming the inefficiencies of government for all of the problems with GSEs (government-sponsored entities), when a large percentage of the problems were created by private sector investment banks. Barry Ritholtz and Joe Nocera do some education on the reality of the situation.

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