Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chinese Slaves Making Your i-Pad and i-Phone??? (Links)

  • Try not to think of this next time you're enjoying your I-pad.  Certainly Steve Jobs doesn't want you to think about it.
  • Young Indian kid seems to know his Finance, Arpit Ranka.  Like his blog so much, he's newly added to our blogroll.  Reminds me a little of Konczal 2 years ago,  future star off the beaten track.
  • Larry Summers selling the working man down the river.  I hope Larry Summers burns in hell one day for all the lies he's telling President Obama now. From Bloomberg
  • A small business owner fighting against a big bank on credit card interest rates, from Bob Lawless at Credit Slips blog.  I also recommend reading the Santa Rosa Press Democrat story linked inside Bob Lawless' post.  As Bob notes, it's a great example of a community newspaper doing outstanding journalism. Kevin McCallum deserves a pay raise.
  • I'm sure some will disagree with this, but nonetheless I think this is an interesting story related to Veterans Health Administration.  Veterans' health care gets high grades.  Amazing what you learn when you get past BS reports on isolated bad apples.
  • Someone should remind Sheila Bair, "no good deed goes unpunished" From Bloomberg
  • It's important to remember when investing very very rarely do managed funds outperform indexes. From Bloomberg

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