Saturday, May 15, 2010

Super Saturday Sunrise Links

  • Ted Turner on energy and its external costs. 3 minute video from CNN.
  • Bruce Krasting on foreign exchange trading (sometimes called "FX").  Mainly between the Euro and the U.S. dollar.  Recently FX has closely effected the stock market and is worth keeping a close eye on.  I disagree with Bruce on some things strongly, but I think he gets it very close to the mark on this stuff and I respect him a great deal on currencies and bonds.
  • An interesting breakdown on the bailout (TARP), broken down with charts and chronologically from when the data was released (not when it happened, but when the data became public).  Hat tip to Jennifer Taub and Baselinescenario
  • Mike Konczal interviews Jennifer Taub about off-balance sheet transactions and reform related to that.  Konczal very well may be the best Finance blogger on the internet.  His blog is named "Rortybomb"
  • Mark Thoma does a slam dunk in the face of a sleepy Martin Feldstein.  Talking about federal income tax policy.

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