Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Links To Shahein Nasiripour Stories

Shahein Nasiripour is one of the better journalists on the financial reform "beat" or landscape.  Here are some links to his most recent stories at Huffington Post.  These are all MUST READS, listed from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom.

Nasiripour's April 26, 2010 story

Nasiripour's April 25, 2010 story  Note: Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas has been subtracting (taking out) important wording on derivatives from the financial reform legislation coming out of the Senate Agriculture Committee, making it much weaker.

Nasiripour's April 24, 2010 story

Nasiripour's April 23, 2010 story  Note:  This is an extremely extremely bad sign that the White house has not changed its position on big bank bailouts and TBTF.  Larry Summers is 100% the same jackass today as he was when he called up Brooksley Born on the phone to intimidate her, not so many years ago.

Nasiripour's April 21, 2010 story

Yes, I know I didn't tell you the topic of each individual link, go and read the damned thing to find out!!!

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