Monday, April 5, 2010

Some Links For Monday

  • I recently found a nice internet site called Alternet.  They have a story there about Senator Chuck Grassley (of Iowa)  and Healthcare Reform.  Could Chuck Grassley be a better man than I have given him credit for??? Not likely....  Story written by Lauren Reichelt.
  • Rick Bookstaber foresees high probability of major problems in municipal governments and credit (debt) the municipal governments have.  Hat tip to Felix Salmon
  • Matt Taibbi also discussing municipal governments in Alabama having problems with debt (credit).  Variable rates and swaps seem to be the culprits here. From Rolling Stone magazine
  • Israel reveals their new tank-defense system.  Good news for those who want to see Israel remain the eternal homeland for Jews. Associated Press
  • Pope Ratzinger maybe busy doing celestial studies while 7 and 9 year olds molested in confessional by a catholic priest in Arizona. Associated Press
Sorry to my readers for no long posts recently.  Will try to rectify this soon. No excuses, just lazy.

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