Friday, March 26, 2010

Five Fabulous Friday Links

  • Target-date ETFs are usually a sucker play for fees and commissions, avoid them. From   Bloomberg also has a story talking about how target-date funds' expense ratios eat up your nest egg (retirement savings) here
  • Economist Bill Emmons of the St. Louis Federal Reserve on Big Bank off-balance sheet activities and how they caused the crisis and new accounting standards that are supposed to help.  The video is about 19 minutes, but good stuff.
  • The Vatican and the Catholic church still trying to hide and mask their sexual abuses against children and humanity.  Pope Ratzinger can no longer lie and victimize children behind the ugly and shredded skirt of the Papacy.
  • Four employees of a British-Australian mining company Rio Tinto may be put in Chinese prison many years for attempting to compete with state-owned Chinese enterprises.
  • Kathy Kristof of the Los Angeles Times writes on how current banking laws leave some customers vulnerable to internet fraud (hint: personal accounts are safer than business accounts).  Kathy Kristof is one of the better journalists out there.

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