Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Can't Find Better Weekend Reading Than This Roger Ebert Post

Roger Ebert is not as famous as he was in the early '90s as co-host of the Siskel & Ebert movie reviews TV show.  At least not as famous with young peoples.  When Gene Siskel died the magical on-air friction between the two went with it.  Not terribly long after (at least not in my mind) Ebert lost his voice due to complications of the cancer he had been battling.  He still writes a lot.  My beloved readers will notice I added a link to his blog on my blogroll recently.  Here is a very very precious post about a walk through London with his grandson, which is very enjoyable reading.  Hope you like it.  If you are a younger reader and curious about the show's history, or older and want a nostalgic walk down memory lane, you can also read this post which relives Roger's memories and progression of the show through the years.  A long post, but also good.

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