Friday, February 19, 2010

Registered Exchanges For Derivatives and Vanilla Flavored Swaps

Mike Konczal and James Kwak are my two favorite business bloggers.  And Mike Konczal is arguably the best internet writer on issues directly related to finance. His latest post relates to derivatives markets reforms which could make the world (at least America) a much safer place to do business and keep a bank account.  Although I don't keep money at banks myself, I only keep my money at credit unions because credit unions are safer and offer better interest rates, but that's another story/post.  But anyone who cares about the safety of the American financial system should read Mike Konczal's latest post.  He also quotes Rick Bookstaber who has a financial blog that is worth checking out at this web address.  I've recently added Rick Bookstaber to my blogroll so you can check him out any time here, just click on the link in the right margin.

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