Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The Huffington Post has a rock solid article by Sam Stein (dated Feb. 1).  In the article, Senator Arlen Specter says using "reconciliation" to pass the health care bill is the best option available now.  That way amendments to the bill could be passed "simultaneously" in order to compromise and appease House Democrats.

There are current discussions going on between both chambers (Senate and House of Rep.) and the White House.  Many of those discussions between Harry Reid (Democrat of Nevada) and Rahm Emanuel, the President's "point man" on many Congressional issues.  The House wants the Senate to go first, seemingly because Nancy Pelosi is a political coward and a cuhhh........nevermind.

What empty-headed politicians don't understand is, whatever votes they could lose by passing the bill they have already lost through months of staggered action, so voting for the health legislation now isn't going to cost them votes anyway, so they might as well get the benefit of passing the bill into law.  PASS. THE. DAMN. BILL.

James Kwak explains thoroughly the drawbacks of the Republicans' best proposal at these three links here , here , and here.  Oh James, next time you'll be saying the trading of Ann Taylor options on February 1 disproves the EMH. Darn you James!!! (haha, joking)

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