Monday, January 11, 2010

What To Make of Senator Dodd's Retirement??? If Blumenthal Wins, It's Good News!!

Many followers of the political scene have made much ado about the recent announcement of Chris Dodd's retirement from the Senate.  Some think it may mean Dodd is a "lame duck" and it's bad news for those who are pro-regulation on banks.  But looking deeper that may not be the case.  His possible replacement Richard Blumenthal may be less benevolent to banks than Dodd was in his career.

So who is Richard Blumenthal??  I found much insight from this Christian Science Monitor article by Tracey Samuelson.  He currently holds the post of Attorney General for the state of Connecticut.  A job he has held for the last roughly 18 years.  He has fought for consumer rights, environmental responsibility, personal privacy, and labor rights.  He helped stop advertising of tobacco products aimed at children. He was a volunteer attorney for the NAACP legal defense fund.  In the late 1970's he prosecuted drug traffickers, organized crime, and polluters.  He was an aide to former U.S. Senator Daniel P. Moynihan.  He served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. And last but not least he has a wife and four children in Greenwich.  If I left something out it's 'cause I'm getting an inferiority complex writing this man's dossier.

In March 2009 his approval ratings were at 81% in an AP poll, and he has told people that he has had an eye on the U.S. Senate for years.

So who is his competition on the Republican side??  Linda McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment fame (Yes THAT McMahon) and Robert Simmons, who had been ahead of Dodd in the polls.

I think Mr. Blumenthal will vote quite well on the issue of bank regulation, so I hope he wins.  That is of course, unless wrestler Randy "Macho Man" Savage joins Ms. McMahon on the campaign trail, then I will waver a little (haha).

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