Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Thoughts on Target Stores

Dear Readers,

Normally I don't like to promote things on this site.  This isn't a commercial site (not at this stage anyway).  I purposely try to stay away from those things.  BUT recently one of my family relatives went to do some shopping for a DVD/Blu-ray player.  When she went to comparison shop she found the same DVD/Blu-ray player at Wal-Mart was selling at Target for $48 cheaper.  Yes ONE item, a DVD/Blu-ray player selling for $48 cheaper at Target!!!

What is the moral of the story???  Yes Wal-Mart has good prices, but don't just always assume they have the best price.  Make some calls (especially for "big ticket" items) and look around.  $48 will pay for a lot of pizza dinners and/or gas for your car.  Here is Target's website.

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