Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Thoughts on ETFs

Well peoples, despite myself, I keep finding articles at ZeroHedge that I like quite a lot.  Tyler Durden gets too vulgar on his blog, but give the man his due, there is some very solid information on his site.

I have been trying to rap my head around ETFs recently. The main protagonist of my curiosity, you ask???  Why in these horrible markets is every finance "expert" (read peddler) touting ETFs on TV and internet now???  Usually the answer to this question is:  They are getting commissions and fees from selling that product, and you the individual investor are being taken for a sap (read fool).  My opinion:  ETFs are trouble, stay the hell away from them.  I think ZeroHedge's post here, reinforces my thoughts on the matter.

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