Sunday, January 31, 2010

James Kwak on Lawrence Lessig's Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Recently the 5 "conservative" members of the Supreme Court hurled a horrid and dangerous spear into the heart of Democracy, basically allowing corporations unlimited amounts of campaign contributions corporations could give to dirty the political process, with the idea that the corporation is some kind of "person" and if not allowed unlimited amounts of political campaign contributions we would be stepping on its First Amendment rights.  One wonders with Samuel Alito's personification of corporations if we should read Miranda rights to corporate logos now???  Anyway,  James Kwak of Baselinescenario blog fame, and law student at Yale weighs in on Lawrence Lessig's proposed solution to the court's extreme stupidity and blatant disregard of decades of prior decisions on the matter.

Addendum: I am not sure if Yale Law student extraordinaire James Kwak would agree with Senator Patrick Leahy's remarks in this video from C-SPAN, but my guess would be he leans in that direction.  Anyway this speech given on the Senate floor by Senator Leahy is worthy of note.  This video from C-SPAN may be a little slow to start, but it should work if you give it a few seconds.

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