Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Firecracker Report On Banks Indirect Destruction of America's Education System

A blog named "The Firecracker Report" has a discouraging, but nonetheless outstanding post on the slow destruction of America's school systems because of the mayhem caused by large banks destructive behavior towards society.  It relates to a story from The San Francisco Chronicle.  While big bankers are getting a record $145 Billion bonus for destroying the American economy (and causing detrimental effects internationally) teachers are being laid off in the district because of a $113 million shortfall in the budget.  Read the details at the links.  The SF Chronicle story was by writer Jill Tucker.

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  1. Hi Ted, Thanks for your kind comments on our blog and for helping us spread the word by posting our article on your blog.
    U have some great articles on your site - enjoyed your post on Buffett.
    The Firecracker Report


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