Sunday, February 7, 2010

Republican Dick Shelby Still Trying to Kill/Obstruct Banking Reform

Catherine Dodge of Bloomberg has an informative story on what is currently going on with the draft legislation and negotiations on Bank reform and stricter regulatory oversight.  This is basically comprised of Senator Dodd and his staff writing legislation to "compromise" and Senator Dick Shelby of Alabama saying "No!" to everything they write.  Pretty simple.

Also Senator Barbara Boxer and Jim Webb of Virginia came up with a very insincere piece of legislation which would tax 50% on bank executives' (of banks that had received bailout money from the taxpayer) bonuses which went over $400,000.  I say insincere because both Barbara Boxer and Jim Webb are fully aware this legislation will never be passed into law, and are using it as a cheap way to score points with their constituents.  Also pretty simple.  You know anyone past the age of 15 with half a brain and literate can write these headlines at least 3 weeks before they come out.

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