Thursday, February 4, 2010

Republican Dick Shelby Kills Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Journalist Ben Protess of Huffington Post Special Investigations reports on the progress (or lack thereof) being made on finance/banking reforms to protect consumers.  Get ready for it people, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency is as good as dead.

Thanks to Republican Dick Shelby the banks will continue on with business as usual, abusing customers and depositors with fees and conning them into ARMs (adjustable rate mortgages).  Lying, cheating, stealing your tax dollars and taking your savings deposits to roll the dice on derivatives and then asking YOU to pay for their losses, while bank executives run away with billions in bonuses.  It seems to make him so happy that bank customers and savers get abused on a daily basis and have their homes taken away.  All in a good day's work for Republican Dick Shelby.   Look here at the video from HuffPo Special Investigations of Republican Dick Shelby.  See his big grin??

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